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I want to thank you and Rhona so much for guiding me in writing my personal statement. I have received multiple compliments from program directors about my unique experiences in my path to choosing psychiatry. As a student from the Caribbean, I never thought I would say that I matched at my top choice at a prestigious program! I definitely recommend any student going through the residency process to use your services. Again, thanks so much for all your help!

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If you are wondering “who can help write my personal statement?” you are not going to be alone. Many applicants every year are asking themselves the same question and invariably they will turn to an online personal statement writing service for help. The problem is that with so many different online writing services you will be hard pressed to be able to decide which is going to be the right one for you. This is why you need to use our personal statement writing services as we are a professional and very specialized service that works solely on writing your personal statements and other associated documents for your important applications. To do this we only use the very best personal statement writers that you will find online.

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If you are applying to college, university or even to a fellowship, residency or scholarship you will likely be asked to provide a personal statement as part of your application. The reason for this is that you cannot assess everyone purely on their grades alone. The decision makers will want to know who you are as a person before they will accept you. This is why your personal statement is such an important factor in your application and great care must be taken in crafting one that will make you stand out. But writing that perfect personal statement can be a task that is beyond many students and they may be asking “who can write my personal statement for me?”I am applying for a programme and am having difficulties writing my personal statement. The statement should describe "ambitions, suitability and interest" for the chosen programme in "around 1,000 words in length", but I'm over 2,000 words.“Before writing my personal statement, my professional writer really got to know me over the phone and e-mail. He spent time looking at my CV/resume and learned all about me with his insightful interview questions. He helped me find the right words to express myself. I really ended up with the perfect personal statement—thanks PPS!”
-Alyson K., general surgery applicant USIMG (matched) “I didn’t want anybody to write my personal statement, because I am sure I know myself better, than anybody else, especially some unknown writer. At the same time, I know I make a lot of mistakes in my writing; I have received numerous remarks from my teachers and professors. This writing was very important and here I was suggested to order their editing service. This was exactly for me, I could write my personal statement and there was a professional writer, who could take care of my grammar and stylistic. My communication with support service here was positive, their writer did an excellent job and I am satisfied with their work generally.”