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She next looked for a way to fill the free time created by the television vacuum. She said, “You boys are going to the library and checking out two books. At the end of each week you’ll write me a report on what you’ve read.” (Only years later did the boys discover she couldn’t read well enough to understand any of the reports.)

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These screening efforts are also aimed at preventing students from getting inover their heads. Leonard emphasizes that it is important for professors to be aware of howundergraduate researchers are doing as their projects progress. He describes what can happenif they don't: "The kid stumbles through the project. Never really understands what'sgoing on. You don't know that the kid doesn't understand, and some graduate student istelling him what to do next, and at the end you say 'Hey, I have to give you a grade; write mea report.' You get the report and say, 'Oh my God, this kid didn't know what he was doing for10 minutes.'"

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Write me a report on a cultural influence at the turn of the century. And it better be good. Melinda Sordino: It will be. [voiceover] I'll write about the suffragettes.