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What is a Book Review or Book Report

So what is a book review, anyway? Basically, it is a brief recap of the title in question, covering major plot points without giving things away to future readers. Depending on which publication/organization you are reviewing for, they may ask for different things to be included, such as comparisons to other books on similar topics, style comparisons to previous works by the same author, suitability for public or academic library collections, etc. Reviews can run from a single paragraph around 250 words or may be unrestricted, allowing the reviewer to uncover even deeper contextual nuances. Most reviews include the book title, length, format (hardcover, paperback, electronic), ISBN, and price.

What is a Book Review?

What is a book review and why is it important

What is a book review? Book reviews answer the main question: What is this book about? Sometimes the review might also answer the question: What do I, the reader, think about this book? In general, though, first and foremost the reviewer tells the reader what is in the book.

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At one point during your studious student life, you will need to write a book review for an assignment or a project. Some people may wonder, what is a book review? A literary book review is not the same as the book reviews that you often see on the internet as these are more critical as compared with the latter. A literary book review often focuses on the purpose, content as well as the authority of the book. The question now is how to write a book review that is actually good? There are a few book review example worth looking at and this should be your first step before you start writing your review.

Drewry begins by asking what is a book review, a question many reviewers seem never to consider