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First of all, thank you for the time and effort you put forth in your UChicago application. We’ve laughed at your jokes, we’ve contemplated your mantis shrimp, we’ve even cried a little (yes, we do have the full range of human emotions!) at some particularly touching essays, and once again, we’ve found that UChicago continues to attract AWESOME students. This year’s applicants have come from across the globe, united by a compelling interest in learning and the power of ideas. Rest assured—no matter your admission decision, these traits will serve you well.

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With an emphasis on research and writing, 7th graders turn their attention to American History from 1820 through the present. Beginning with the Structure of American Government, students investigate personalities and events associated with the woman’s movement, the civil right’s movement, the Civil War, industrialization, warfare, the Cold War and current national challenges. Seventh graders learn about life in the trenches of World War I and express their new knowledge in touching essays written from the “front.” Concluding their unit on the Civil War, students spend an entire week completely immersed in Civil War activities from shrapnel removal to battle ground strategy. A spring trip to Washington D.C. and Gettysburg puts a real face on this unit and on the legislative process that the students are taught as they author, introduce and argue for bills of their creation towards the end of the term.

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At a time when people seem to be searching for a simple life grounded in values, these touching essays encourage us to go home, to wander down the lanes and find peace and contentment at the end of dirt roads.

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Student's Essay Touches the Heart: Does “FOREVER” Really ...12 Jan 2015 ... Young student Charrie Joan Montemayor wrote a touching essay back when she was still in high ... > >Donny’s Diamond Gallery would like to thank all the participants in the Mother’s Day essay contest. The response was tremendous with close to three hundred entries. Students all across the county wrote essays to submit to the “Why My Mom Deserves a Diamond” essay contest for a chance to win a diamond necklace or gift certificate from Donny’s Diamond Gallery. Students wrote about their moms, grandmothers and sisters with such conviction and love it was touching to read all the entries. All the students who entered deserve congratulations for their hard work and touching essays.very touching essay from my 17 year old | Autism PDDhere is a very touching essay my 16 year oldson added in his class. I read it and cry every time. Mercury rising. A phrase ...These stories deal with the uniquely intimate relationship between patients and their physicians. It is a relationship based on the patient's history, secrets and deepest fears, but also those of his or her doctor. In these touching essays, Dr. Grubb recounts stories that have stayed with him, influenced him as a physician and touched him as a person. He depicts memorable encounters he has had in his calling as he strives to be a good healer and a good human being.There are 39 essays in this collection, all exploring various pieces of the experiences of readers and writers. There’s a superb little essay called “The Secret Sharer” on the role of the editor in modern publishing, questioning why North American editors are so much more interventionist than, say, their European counterparts. Manguel, also an accomplished translator, writes on the art of translation and its association to censorship. There are also a few touching essays about Borges, to whom Manguel read as a young man, and several that reveal his feelings about Buenos Aires, where he came of age during massive political unrest. Leah, along with her co-author Katrina Epp, recently published their second book, It’s a compilation and funny and touching essays from moms covering all aspects of motherhood. In a clever (and totally brilliant!) twist, they pair each story with a wine that somehow makes this mothering journey we’re all on seem a little easier. I own the book and loved it. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! It’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift for you, your mom, sister, aunt, or BFF!