"20000 Leagues Under The Sea Book Report"

"lord of the flies book report"

The Poetry Book Report
- Concepts introduced:
Figurative language: alliteration, metaphor, hyperbole, simile, personification, etc.
Terms: stanza, rhyme scheme, verse, etc.
Types: sonnet, haiku, limerick, etc.
- Activity:
(link to printable slides)
Watch video lecture on poetry types, figurative language and scansion
Limerick activity

- Final Product (100 pt total):
Write four types of poetry based on your book

The Drama Book Report
- Concepts introduced:
Terms: dialogue, monologue, cast, props, staging, aside, blocking, etc.
Genres: comedy, drama, farce, melodrama
- Activity:
Watch video lecture on drama and Shakespeare
Study A Midsummer Night’s Dream with lecture support
AMND quizzes/paraphrase/ activity (link to rubric)
- Final Product (100 pt total):
Dramatization of favorite scene (60 pt)
Literary Terms Worksheet
Study questions or crossword

"The Book Report" from the 1985 TV special .

"The Book Report" from the album of the 1999 Broadway production of .

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"The Book Report" from the album of the 1967 Off-Broadway production of .

Last August, Chelsea sat in a chair for eight hours while people read from Solaris in the name of Marina Abramovic. You can hear Chelsea read at The Book Report .

— by Sean H. DoyleHear Sean read tomorrow at The Book Report:

A lively mix of author interviews, audio book previews and chats with those influential in the literary world, The Book Report has become appointment listening for bibliophiles and book clubs looking for new novels to read. It's a great way to find out which novels, thrillers or non-fiction titles are hot in the book world and which ones critics and readers are buzzing about. Here are some great ways to make the book report presentation more creative while also demonstrating a firm grasp of the book. If the book report is to be simply handed in then there is little one can do to inject creativity with its presentation, but if the book reports are to be presented orally then these ideas can help set the book report apart from the rest.The that a student writes as part of an assignment doesn’t always have to follow the same format or structure if the instructor allows for some creativity. While the will most likely have to follow an outline of having an introduction, a body, a conclusion and an evaluation, this doesn’t mean that the actual presentation of the book report has to be stale and ordinary.3. Write an alternate ending for the story from the standpoint of how the story was expected to end. This works better if the book report is on a story with a surprise ending because one can compare what he or she expected to happen with what really happened.2. If the book report is on a fictional story, write a letter as though one of the characters is writing to another character. This is a great way to explain what has happened in the story as well as provide an evaluation. By discussing the book report from a character’s perception, it can provide an interesting and entertaining angle."The Book Report" is a song from the stage musical and the animated TV special of the . It is sung by the entire cast about having to write a book report on .While the book report will be presented differently if one of these ideas is used, it’s important to make sure that any discussion of the setting, characters, plot, and conflict conform to the book report requirements.We were a little tense at The Book Report the other day. Would Hunter S. Thompson, famed author of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and the new bestseller THE PROUD HIGHWAY really show up for his live interview? He is, after all, an unrepentant Dunhill-smoking, Patron-swilling, walking chemical laboratory whose closest friends concede can be just a tad unreliable.What do we do here at The Book Report Network? For a start, since 1996 we have been connecting readers with books and authors. The current buzzwords like “discoverability” and “curation” are what have been our mantra since our first site launched.Completing the book report will enable students to consider and display their knowledge of characters, setting, plot, and theme. Combining writing and drawing allows students share their understanding of their reading using multiple modalities.Everything that you need to complete these sandwich book report projects is included in this set of teaching resources. All that you will need is scissors, glue, a stapler, and coloring pencils. (which should be available spring of 2014) will incorporate two smaller courses that Analytical Grammar produced a few years ago, and as well as a unit on the Oral Book Report. In , the essay and research paper courses will now have video instruction. The essay course teaches personal, literary, and “issues” essays. (An issue essay is the type used by the SAT.) Students will write essays on short stories and a final essay on a book of their choosing. The research paper component teaches all of the steps in writing research papers. Students write a research paper on a famous author and another on a book, defending the thesis of the book. As students work through the Oral Book Report unit, they learn the basics of giving oral presentation, practice critiqueing presentations by Erin Karl, and present an oral book report using PowerPoint slides. will take the longest to complete as you would expect for a high school level course.