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Creating templates for Excel reports based on QlikView data

My school has presented me with the following template for report covers, but this only exists in .ppt-format.I wish to make a LaTeX-version of it, but i am unsure how to create the rotated text boxes and how to place them on the very edge of the paper.

Packaging Apps for Office with Excel Templates for Reporting

Template for Report of Ad Hoc Committee Concerning the

The PCI Security Standards Council have now released the Template for Report On Compliance (ROC) for PCI DSS v3.0. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) applies to any organization that processes, transmits or stores payment cardholder data.

Knightcraft will be getting together again with QSA to update the technical white paper.

This white paper has become the industry standard and an essential tool for organisations approaching PCI DSS compliance for HP NonStop servers. It is used worldwide by organisations as part of their compliance program and is also used by QSAs when performing PCI DSS assessments. It is the essential tool for PCI compliance on the HP NonStop.

Template for Report by A&F (UK) - BioBased Economy

If for any reason a user wants to use a password-protected Excel template for Report Generation the ability is not baked into the Report Generation Toolkit. In order to workaround this we need to step down through several subVI's and make password input available, implementing it with a Functional Global Variable.

Template for Report by A&F (UK) - StePac