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In this course students explore the themes of “Language and Community” as they learn about the experience of migrant farmworkers in southeast Michigan. What is the economic, cultural, and historical context of migrant farm work in the US? Who are the workers? Where do they come from? How do they live? What is the history of migrant outreach and education efforts? As they investigate these questions, students also learn and practice the methods and techniques for teaching ESL to a mixed-proficiency, primarily Spanish-speaking population. These include conducting a basic needs analysis to identify learning objectives, drafting and revising lesson plans, and creating original teaching materials.

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The increasing use of English throughout the world means career opportunities for teachers of English as a second language (ESL) in education, as well as fields such as business, hospitality, entertainment and more. But teaching ESL well requires more than fluency in English and a lesson plan. UC Berkeley Extension's Certificate Program in Teaching English as a Second Language provides a foundation in linguistics and second-language acquisition-along with classroom methodologies and curriculum-design skills-so that you can be an effective teacher in a variety of environments. You receive training in language pedagogy, materials development, assessment and evaluation, and cross-cultural communication. The certificate curriculum is overseen by an advisory board of TESL and education leaders and approved by the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Education, ensuring your education is relevant and up to date. This certificate does not award a California teaching credential, but all courses in the curriculum apply toward a master's degree at the University of San Francisco.

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Many classroom teachers may lack confidence in teaching ESL students, thinking perhaps that without specific professional preparation or background experience, they are inadequate to the task. While there are differences in the acquisition of first and second languages, there are also many similarities which can inform our teaching of language and hence our teaching of ESL students. Effective language teaching for both ESL and other students focuses on meaning-making, rather than on recall of vocabulary words. In all language teaching, consideration should be given to the development of a positive classroom environment that will support true interaction and collaboration between teacher, student and parent and between the students themselves.

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Sheltered English is, in part, an approach to teaching ESL students so that they can comprehend and participate in as much classroom learning as possible. When you speak to her, slow down your rate of speech and repeat directions several times, checking periodically for understanding. Whenever possible, use simple, subject-verb-noun sentences, visual references (words written on the board, pictures, photos, maps, diagrams, charts, and so on), and physical gestures or pantomime as you speak.CTSL 0102/ EDUB 1640 Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation (40 hrs)
Systematic and principled procedures for teaching English vocabulary, and for teaching comprehensible and acceptable English pronunciation (vowels, diphthongs, semi-vowels, consonants, stress, rhythm, and intonation).As the world continues its rush to learn English, still the lingua franca of international commerce, diplomacy, and higher education, the bulk of teaching opportunities abroad continue to be for those who teach English. Your primary "credential" is simply being a native speaker of the English language. A bachelor's degree is usually required. Some formal ESL training, whether in TEFL or TESOL certificate, is almost always a plus and in some cases a prerequisite if you have no previous experience. Candidates with advanced training and either a certificate in ESL or a master's degree in TESOL will have greater flexibility and command more pay. The ability to teach ESL may be all you need to obtain a job and a work permit in various countries across Asia and Latin America, and many other English teaching jobs exist in other desirable regions of the globe. CTSL 0120/ EDUB 1860 Practicum in Second Language Teaching (40 hrs)
Practical second language teaching experiences, including: observing recorded and live teaching, planning lessons and units, micro and live teaching, and reflective practice. This course is graded pass/fail. Pre- or corequisites: CTSL 0100 Principles and Procedures of Second Language Teaching, CTSL 0102 Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation, CTSL 0104 Teaching ESL Grammar.CTSL 0104/ EDUB 1650 Teaching ESL Grammar (40 hrs)
Examination of English sentence and discourse grammar, and demonstration of procedures of teaching grammar in communicative and academic contexts.My wife, son(s) and I spent 2.5 years in Korea, while my wife and I taught in a variety of classroom settings. This helped us understand what to look for in schools, as well as how to prepare future teachers for the world of teaching ESL in Korea. We have helped more than 2,000 teachers to date, and we strive to do anything we can to make your stay in Korea one of the best years of your life.CTSL 0108/ EDUB 1820 Content-based second language instruction (40 hrs)
Principles and procedures of teaching ESL/bilingual students in subject-area classrooms, using content-based language instruction and language sensitive content instruction.

CTSL 0106/ EDUB 1606 Teaching ESL Foundational Literacy, Academics and Language (LAL) Students (40 hrs)
This course focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching foundational English literacy, numeracy, academics, oral language and schooling routines to English language learners. Definitions, assessment, and instructional strategies will be exmined with a view to meeting diverse needs of EAL/bilingual literacy learners.What courses will I take?
- Introduction to Teaching ESL
- ESL Teacher Practicum
- Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary - online
- Teaching ESL/EFL Grammar - online
- Teaching ESL/EFL Reading - online