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35 Activities Your Students Can Do To Learn Respect

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35 Activities Your Students Can Do To ..

First went James, his tap shoes ringing out like pealing bells against respect group activities the springy floor, telling a funny story about doctors.

Respect group activities

In general terms, the students feel that environmental education is a way of teaching people to conserve and value the environment. However, the concept they have of the environment is limited to nature, and excludes anthropogenic elements. Students in rural areas are particularly concerned about climate change, deforestation and forest fires, while those living in towns center their attention on the problems of soil, water and air. What interest they may have in matters of the environment depends on the class’s activities, the teacher’s mastery of the subject, and the usefulness or application of what they acquire as relating to their daily lives. In this respect group activities and those done outside the classroom (such as field trips and excursions) seem to be an important factor in sparking their interest. They also take into account the consistency between the teachers’ environmental discourse, and their attitudes and behaviors. Although most students do not participate in environmental activities outside of school, they show interest and a willingness to get involved because they believe that environmental issues are an important part of their academic and personal development. For this they suggest the incorporation of practice in the field, and the promotion of participation by the school community in environmental projects that would go beyond the classroom and the teachers’ rhetoric.

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