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Writing and Publishing Science Research Papers in English

publishes original research papers in English analysing the maritime sector international, national, regional or local. JMR is published quarterly and the issues-whether ordinary or monographic-include both theoretical and empirical approaches to topics of current interest in line with the editorial aims and scope of the journal.

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11 Outstanding Topics for Research Papers in English Literature

A good research paper in English will show the writer’s skill to best effect. The following ten topics are quite intriguing and should be considered:

Writing and Publishing Science Research Papers in English: A Global Perspective

Before applying to the University of Jyväskylä, exchange students are advised to asses their language skills in English according to the .The minimum requirement for students wishing to study at the University of Jyvaskyla as exchange students is level B1, but the applicants should preferably be B2 (or higher) level users of the English language in order to be able to follow university lectures in English, participate in seminar discussions and understand written material in their field. In addition, most courses require writing essays and research papers in English. These requirements do not apply to students whose Finnish skills are good enough to carry out their studies in Finnish.

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While there are countless reference guidebooks for writing research papers on the market, English for Research Papers is a guidebook explicitly for Brazilian authors writing research papers in English. After revising over 1,300 research papers of Brazilian authors, I have learned certain archetypal grammar errors and non-idiomatic expressions reproduced in their papers. Much of the book addresses these types of errors, which are often the result of tradução ao pé-da-letra and false cognates. For example, mistranslating terms such as to is incorrect, and the correct translation in English is in fact Another example, might include translating the Portuguese syntactic structure that underlies the sentence “” into English as A more idiomatic rendering would be: The subject-verb word order rule in English is quite rigid and robust: it is highly irregular to begin a sentence in English with a verb as you might in Portuguese. Although such errors often seem trivial to a Portuguese speaker, when several of these errors occur in one sentence, the meaning may be confusing, and in the worst case, incomprehensible for a native speaker of English. Clearly, a journal editor finding such errors in a research paper would ask you to revise your paper on these types of errors alone.
or take a look at any article in a recent issue of the journal and follow the format it uses. The format is the standard format for research papers in English or American literary or cultural studies. Other disciplines prefer other formats, however.