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1. Improving skills and strategies for learning,
2. Exposing children to various forms of literature and real life math problems,
3. Making reading and math fun and interactive, and
4. Creating a positive learning relationship between the students and their reader or math mentor.

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Since moving with my family to the US I have continued working with my own children and their school friends helping them understanding not just math facts but deeper math concepts which require serious logical thinking. It has been a rewarding experience seeing their progress and how they were able to connect with real life math problems and have fun at the same time!

Are your real life math problems as difficult as your toughest math class problems

Strong mathematical thinkers develop abstract thinking capabilities, (acting on information without visual clues). In more complex projects, young mathematicians apply skills to real life math problems they define for themselves and express mathematical thinking through models, illustrations, and stories. Renaissance mathematicians apply the mathematics they know to solve problems arising in everyday contexts, whether describing the movement of materials needs in an engineering project, planning a social event, or analyzing a question arising in the community.

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