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Measuring success in Private Tutoring

If you do hire a tutor, regular sessions maintain momentum. Once a week is typical, once a fortnight at a push but any less frequent and the benefits are likely to be lost in between meetings. At Kensington & Chelsea Tutors, Chiles recommends two hours as the optimum length of each session, with one hour for under-13s, although Holland Park Tuition advises one hour, and at Carfax Private Tutors the standard length is 90 minutes.

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A private tutor can be a primary motivator for students.

One way in which children who lack confidence can get valuable additional support is through private tutoring. Participating in private tutoring can benefit these students in a number of ways and can ultimately guide them to the academic success they might otherwise miss out on.

Private tutoring can help you get organized so you feel more confident about taking tests.

Hiring a tutor to work with your child is an important, and highly personal, decision. So please call us today to find out more about how our Chicago area private tutors can help your child realize their full academic potential.

Private tutoring offers unique benefits for each student.

To facilitate the needs of our students and the community in general, the Center for Academic Achievement (CFAA) at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has partnered with Tutor Matching Service (TMS) to facilitate access to private online and in-person tutoring. We encourage ETSU students to seek help from the free tutoring services provide by the Center before reaching out to a private tutor; however, if there are no CFAA or departmental tutors who meet your needs or fit your availability, TMS is a great way to find academic help online or in-person. Some tutors who offer their services through TMS are branded as "ETSU Certified." This means that they have completed a course of tutor training and have at least one semester of supervised tutoring experience under a university mentor, as certified by the Director of the CFAA.Yes, a private tutor list is available! Private tutors determine their fees and availability. (Our office does not keep any record of private tutor's fees.)
NOTE: This link to TMS is provided as a service of the Center for Academic Achievement at ETSU. ETSU assumes no responsibility for assuring that private tutors meet certain qualifications. ETSU is not responsible for any issues, problems, or concerns that may arise between private tutors and clients. This listing service is not intended to represent any private tutor as preferred or as having attained any special recognition from ETSU. Clients are responsible for negotiating and paying private tutors directly; ETSU assumes no responsibility for determining private tutoring costs, or for the payment of private tutors.

Private tutors charge varying amounts, from $10 up to $35 or more per hour, depending on their experience in the subject and their credentials. Listed below in no specific order are other private tutoring resources. Some of these companies may have one-on-one tutors available in the area. The college does not endorse and is not responsible for any of the tutoring sites or their content.Our private tutoring schedules are flexible, so we can work with you to accommodate the best time and place to meet with your child. Don't wait! Call now to help your child feel the satisfaction of improved academic performance through using our private home tutoring services offered in the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau areas!We can help you find the best private tutor near you! It's simple and secure - Get real results fast. Find expert private tutors at reasonable rates today!Our Private Tutors are selected from the brightest and most caring individuals that we can find in the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau areas. The in-home Private Tutoring teachers are certified and fully licensed. They are masterful, proficient teachers. The Private Tutor's approach to helping your child learn the "how and why" of different types of Private Tutoring subject challenges will be tailored specifically to your child's needs.Private tutoring works! One-to-one home tutoring builds confidence for your child. It helps her or him to focus on and absorb the academic material she or he needs to learn. Our teachers show your child how to assimilate the knowledge and skills needed for academic achievement. Our private home tutoring service in the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau areas also helps adults who are striving to meet tough educational goals. Our private tutoring services enable you to work one-on-one with a TestMasters SAT instructor. All of our instructors have exceptional credentials and know how to diagnose and solve the problems students encounter. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or develop them from the ground up, TestMasters can accommodate your needs.