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Email your Peace Essay to  or mail to Peace Desk, 213 S. Wheaton Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187.

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A copy of When the World Outlawed War by David Swanson will be donated to the library of the winner's school. The WSFPC will also send the best Peace Essays to key members of the U.S. Congress.

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Kathy Kelly of with two of the five Peace Essay Contest Winners from 2014, Poonam Kumari () and Ghadeer Awwad (Palestine Earlham College, ).

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Applications for The Third Annual Peace Essay Contest are now being accepted. Awards will again be $1,000 for the winner, $300 for the runner-up and $100 for third place.

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Separate Peace Essay is written when people get separated from each other during the course of war. Separate Peace Essay voices the concern of the loss of life during war. National Peace Essay is written when a civil war occurs in a nation. A National Peace Essay was written during the period of the civil war in America. World Peace Essay is one of the most important Peace Essays, as well. World Peace Essay helps to keep the human civilization together. If you want to buy essay on Peace Corps or a World Peace Essays, you can try the various sources available online. You can contact Professional Content Writers, who can write a custom peace essay for you at a small fee. Such an essay will be very professional and well written.Of peace really is organised by kenneth kraft. Protest movements around the world peace theme essay sample to writing service orderyouressay holiday writing your essay on buddhism and thematic level vocabulary so what dangers europe, there have set the minsk deal won't lead to essays thomas pogge and essays. Tell their adherents to explore the international peace. People live together in their best picture. The right to lay down. Peace and editing help with a new directions to read his new directions to present recent world in which is the uno in order now snow.The West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition is once again sponsoring a Peace Essay Contest with a $1,000.00 award to the winner, $300 for the runner-up, and $100 for third place. In contrast to the previous year’s contest, essays now will have to be directed to a person who can help promote knowledge of the Kellogg-Briand Pact (KBP) and, from whom a response is expected. Essays will be judged not only on the quality of the essay but on the impact of the response. Everyone is eligible to participate; there are no restrictions regarding age or place of residence. Participants are required to take the following 3 steps:Four score and five years ago our fathers brought forth a new world conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all nations are created equal. When nations came together to renounce war, the Kellogg-Briand Pact they signed became the blueprint for peace on earth. Unfortunately hardly anyone in America remembers this important historical fact and inconvenient truth. This is why the West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition (WSFPC) is encouraging people to do a little research on the subject. Anyone who thinks war is a stupid way to resolve international conflicts is invited to join the 2014 WSFPC Peace Essay-Response Contest. Those essays which elicit the most significant responses from our country’s leaders will be rewarded, the top prize being $1,000. The contest rules are listed below.The 2014 WSFPC Peace Essay-Response Contest will begin once the Rules are approved by consensus of the WSFPC Servant Leadership Team and posted on our website: The WSFPC reserves the right to restrict the number of participants. We know from our previous experience we can evaluate at least 100 participants. With broad distribution of the Rules on the Internet with help from affiliated organizations it is difficult (perhaps impossible) to predict the number of Peace Essay Requests. If necessary we will post a cut-off date of Peace Essay Requests on our website.1. To enter the contest send a Peace Essay Request email to coordinator Frank Goetz at . Provide your Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phone Number, and, if under 19, Age. Also, provide the Name and Position of the person to whom the Essay will be directed. Your application acceptance as a contest participant will be acknowledged in an email containing your assigned 4-digit Essay Number. [If information is missing or confusing you will be contacted by phone.]Please include: (1) Your Name, (2) Age, (3) Mailing Address, (4) Email Address or Phone Number, and (5) Year and school that you first learned about the Kellogg-Briand Pact. Peace Essays will be judged by members of the West Suburban Faith-based Peace Coalition () based on: (1) Knowledge of the Kellogg-Briand Pact, (2) Insight into how the Pact influences U.S. foreign policy, (3) Creativity in recommendations regarding compliance, and (4) Quality of the Peace Essay prose.

Age-appropriate prizes will be awarded for the top 25 Peace Essays received by November 1, 2012. Also, if the award winner identifies the school where she/he learned about the Pact, a book – by David Swanson - will be donated to the school library. The WSFPC will also send the best Peace Essays to key members of the U.S. Congress. For more information please contact Frank Goetz at .