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The authors stress the significance of social identity and self-expression, and the importance of understanding the dynamic of a global group setting which by definition acknowledges diversity and cultural exchange. The use of ICT on a global level can promote online school projects which create deliberative environments that accommodate a global perspective. The authors point out that this has significance for pedagogy and the changing role of the teacher to accommodate twenty-first century learning practices. As such, the need for ongoing innovative teacher professional development should be deemed a priority.

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Are your students interested in participating in Australia wide online projects in 2008? This is part of EdNA’s OzProjects/Global Education projects strategy for 2008. They are looking for teachers interested in hosting or managing an online school projects in 2008.

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How might such programs be of value in Canada? As noted earlier, many Aboriginal Canadians live in remote areas that impose a form of geographical isolation. We also have the French-English linguistic divide. Lastly, new Canadians often live in urban areas where school children may have contact with their own and other immigrant communities, but may not have much exposure to Canadian communities that were established long before their arrival. In each of these cases, in different ways, we believe that online school projects aimed at common curriculum objectives would contribute to a more cohesive Canada.

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