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He had access to e-mail and a satellite phone, which kept hishomesickness to a minimum. He called his girlfriend, Michele, inOklahoma almost every night and worked on assignments for his onlineanatomy class through Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Georgia.

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In the past, reuse and repurposing of digital educational resources, primarily in the form of learning objects has been viewed as onerous due to licensing and the traditional copyrights (Wiley, 2008). Now that many resources are freely available through new licensing strategies (e.g., Creative Commons), the opportunity for use is much more open. Several organizations (Connexions, DiscoverEd, MERLOT, etc.) work to aggregate these resources for improved discovery and re-use and past research has emphasized the organization of this information. With this ever widening access, attention now turns to how these materials are adopted or used. OER use can fall broadly into two categories: formal and informal learning. In formal use, a resource is typically being used as a medium for formal study or it will inform formal study. For example, a three-dimensional model of a heart may be used to teach the parts of a heart in an online anatomy class. That same model may help an instructor review to prepare for a lecture on the parts of the heart. Informal use of OER can be applied to typical online behaviors of goal-directed browsing and searching for particular pieces of information. In this regard, the focus of this study is on formal learning endeavors.

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The nature of anatomy and physiology is somewhat complex and may be difficult for some students to grasp. There is no evidence that suggests are more or less effective than traditional classes, but some research by the Sloan Consortium does indicate that the more interactive an online anatomy class is, the better the learning outcome.

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