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To learn the art of managing multiple projects, one should learn the following techniques:

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Successful organizations/businesses will always get more opportunities. It is then when managing the expansion becomes important. For a team to manage multiple projects there is need for unique techniques and tools. This training will help successful management of multiple projects in the same time.

Here are some of the techniques to try when managing multiple projects:

Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines

can be extremely complicated when you are managing multiple projects. However the beauty of small projects is that this doesn't have to be the case simply because project resource management tends to be much easier when a smaller team is involved. So build good working relationships with those key resources who are required to work on a number of your projects but don't get carried away meeting every single project resource.

What I want to understand is how should we manage multiple projects in one Git repo?

Managing multiple IT projects within the enterprise can be a daunting task. It’s stressful and takes someone special to even begin managing a project portfolio. In fact, many project managers say that they would gladly scale back to only one or two projects vs. managing multiple projects. The reason is simple. Managing multiple projects is not suited for all. Experience counts! When looking at the single-project concept, the roles and responsibilities prove themselves substantially simpler than for larger projects. However, the larger the project, the more coordination and tracking are needed to ensure that project deliverables are met. You’ll undoubtedly have on average three to five team members on each project. If you have five projects going at once, you will have to manage 15–25 team members. This doesn’t even include the interaction between you and the client. The challenges here include:

I have a methodological question regarding managing multiple projects.

When you are managing multiple projects you need to be super organised and have checklists galore. If you don't and you try to simply "wing it" then you will end up missing something important and ruining one of your projects.Managing multiple projects is one of the dark secrets of project management; everyone can offer you advice, but eventually the only true advice is this: you can learn only by doing. The benefits of having to manage multiple projects are obvious:

Managers, supervisors, program coordinators, project managers, construction supervisors and team leaders from all over the world must possess the skill to manage multiple projects. Managing multiple projects, while shifting your attention from 1 project to the next, and performing the tasks well are developed skills. Whether you manage 3 or 13 projects, your ability to multi-task is critical in meeting project goals, objectives and deadlines and to contributing to the success of every project.Managing multiple projects is, like project management in general, an art that can be mastered only by learning extra soft skills. By mastering the principles above, you will be in the driving seat when more projects come your way, and with the right training and motivation, your team will learn how to be even more productive and efficient in executing projects.While managing multiple projects is essentially the same as managing a single project, there are two important differences. First, the scale is vastly different, as you have to do the same thing (manage a product) several times throughout a day. Secondly, you have to learn important soft skills like prioritizing, delegation and risk management – terms that take a whole new meaning when applied to multiple projects.So in my job interview was I wrong? No, if a project manager devotes all of his or her time and effort to a single project then there's little risk of distractions or a loss of focus. However, this is not reality in our modern business environment where project managers have to manage multiple projects concurrently. So be careful not to become overloaded, otherwise, you could find you have problems that damage your reputation as a project manager.Imagine handling the accounts for any sized business without a computer system. Would you want to do it? Whilst the information for multiple projects is nowhere near as complex as financial accounts, it is complex and it does relate directly to the health and actual progress of your projects. If you don't have an effective project management information system (PMIS) then you are probably failing to realise many of the opportunities for managing multiple projects effectively. a good PMIS will:Yet there has been since a long time many request for being able to manage multiple projects within a singleTrac environment, in order to have a unified view onthe development activity.
Are you having trouble juggling multiple projects? Does it seem like nothing is getting done? Does your task list grow longer and longer each passing day? These feelings are quite common and can often lead to burn-out. However, it doesn't have to be that way. In this article, I'll explain some simple and effective ways to manage multiple projects, conflicting priorities and a seemingly impossible workload. This interactive workshop will position you for immediate action. The goal of this course is to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques so that you can effectively and productively manage multiple projects.