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But, be careful. The lab report format is not a series of questions in a textbook. Use the questions to GUIDE YOUR THINKING. Don't just write a sentence about each question, and think you are done.

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Biology Laboratory Report Format

You will find most if not all of the patient and performing lab information, and applicable dates and times (most likely military time) at the very top and/or bottom of your lab report. This information may also include your ordering doctor's name (i.e., the doctor who ordered the test); your primary care physician's name and address (copies should be sent to your PCP if not ordered by him/her); and ID numbers that will help identify your report from all others.

The Variables
Other parts of the lab report will deal with the specimen that was tested and the results of the test. The lab report format may include:

Physics Lab ReportFormats

The report is divided into sevensections: the sheet (completed duringthe experiment); ;; ; ; ; and .The bulk of this document (The Lab Report Format) gives specific criteria foreach of these eight sections, listed after the heading. The grading rubricfor that part of the report is then shown.

Laboratory Report Formats