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Sometimes, we just want to learn more about other people; we want to find out what makes them tick so-to-speak. We yearn to understand how they navigate this adventure we call life. About the only way we can actually learn about others is through asking them questions. That's what an Informational Interview does; you ask relevant questions and compile the answers into a form suitable for reading at one's leisure in an Informational Interview Essay.

You need to consider two aspects of the Informational Interview Essay. Aside from the typical considerations that come with any form of essay writing, such as proper research, clarity of writing, revision, and such. One aspect to consider is your approach to "Conducting the Interview." The second aspect for consideration is the actual "Questioning." Let's look at five vital points of each aspect:

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Upon conducting your interview and asking the right questions in the right way, you carry on to write your essay. Exclude extraneous material that doesn't truly highlight the essence of your subject. Avoid repeating information, where answers were pretty much the same for different questions. Present a well-rounded view of your interview subject to educate, enlighten, and entertain your readers.

Ask the questions that matter as you work at creating your Informational Interview Essay. Ask the questions that give you detailed information about a person and what they do. Ask the questions that help your readers understand the vision your interview subject has of their life - what they plan to do in the future. An Informational Interview Essay is your chance to reveal the uniqueness of your interview subject.

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