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How to Generate Interesting Topic Ideas for College Essays

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When you’re brainstorming ideas for your college applicationessay, let your mind wander. Think about issues that matter to you;important moments in your life; high school experiences that standout in your mind; and places and people that left an impressionon you. Jot down emotions you often experience, verbs that meansomething to you, and smells that bring back strong memories. Don’tlimit yourself to happy experiences: Not all good stories are happystories. Maybe one of your keenest memories is sitting and cryingon the steps outside the school auditorium after you found out youdidn’t make the varsity team. If a moment was meaningful and youcan write with your emotions, your reader will feel connected toyour story. The goal is to mine your life for a subject that willpour out instead of trickle.

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There are a wide variety of ideas for college essays that you can use. One example that is always highly recommended is philosophy, there is not much research needed with this topic. With using philosophy, a student needs only to choose a side between morality and ideology. When it comes to the reasoning part, only one student is needed to think about the question “why” and the rest will just make sense. Philosophy can be the easiest and safest idea to argue when it comes to writing an essay.

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