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The hooks for any essay usually appear in the first sentence of the article. It could be some interesting quote, a well-known fact, a statistic or some famous last words. There are numerous types of hooks for essays that the writer can utilize. This does not mean that you can use only a single type, you can use as many hooks as you want, the main aim is to make your work creative and attractive so that the reader is compelled to read.

I need a hook for an essay about why violent video games are bad for teens and I don’t know what to do. Will anyone help please? Thanks!

Writing a hook for an essay is actually much easier than it sounds

Writing a hook for an essay is actually much easier than it sounds. You don’t have to condense the entire book in one sentence. However, it is important to give adequate information about the topic so that the reader, editor or curious acquaintance gets the idea of the essay and gets interested and engrossed enough to read ahead.

Hi, Naomi! I need to write a hook for an argumentative essay about the pros of drones for deliveries— any ideas?!Thanks!

Writing a hook for an essay can be tricky. You want readers to keep reading but you need to grab their attention early. This means when you introduce your topic in the first paragraph you need to know what details will complement your topic enough to make your audience want more. A hook grabs the attention of the reader while creating curiosity. You need to understand what elements help you create this no matter what your topic is about.

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