nature vs nurture homosexuality essay

nature vs nurture homosexuality essay

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It is perhaps worth re-emphasizing here that with respect to studying homosexuality, or homosexual behavior more specifically, my research only engages with the essentialism versus social constructionism debate but not the nature versus nurture debate. Alternatively put, my findings do not, in any sense, offer an explanation of the natural causes of homosexual behavior. Finding a positive causal connection between geographic urbanization and homosexual behavior only indicates how levels of sexual acts, behaviors, and expressions can change depending on certain characters of the social contexts in which they occur; the association dismisses the essentialist notion that the differences in the level of homosexual expression, such as between people living in urban cities versus people living in non-urban cities, is predetermined by some biological predispositions at the individual level. My study neither suggests that the choice to live in urban places is caused by homosexuality nor implies that living in urban areas is an etiological cause of homosexuality. Rather, I am merely making the claim that urbanized environments are social contexts in which same-sex sexual behavior has a higher chance/likelihood/probability to be expressed, an argument in line with the social constructionist theoretical perspective. Accordingly, to the extent that the present study finds empirically support for the social constructionist understanding of same-sex behavior, it answers an epistemological question about human sexuality and not an etiological one.

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