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Write an essay on globalisation. In the essay you discuss the impact of globalisation on consumers, Western companies and workers in the Third World. Write the essay in English.

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These two books are accounts of such struggles. Naomi Klein,author of No Logo, needs no introduction. Her new book("Fences and Windows") is not a follow up but rather acollection of essays on globalisation, its consequences and thecurrent wave of protests against it. "Three strikes" ishistory at its best. It contains accounts of three strikes inAmerica: the Colorado Coal strike of 1913-14 (which culminated in theLudlow Massacre), a sit-in strike by employees at a DetroitWoolworth's in 1937 and a New York musicians strike against newtechnology in the late 30s.

His new book Alamgiriyet aur Urdu includes essays on globalisation and some other literary issues

Within the so-called "anti-globalisation" movement Naomi Klein shows an awareness of libertarian ideas and her own work has a libertarian thrust to it (we call it "so-called" as its members are internationalists, seeking a globalisation from below not one imposed from above by and for a few). She first came to attention as the author of No Logo, which charts the growth of consumer capitalism, exposing the dark reality behind the glossy brands of capitalism and, more importantly, highlighting the resistance to it. No distant academic, she is an active participant in the movement she reports on in Fences and Windows, a collection of essays on globalisation, its consequences and the wave of protests against it.

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