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Essay about peace can be written in different forms. The content and style of it, mainly, depends on the purpose of writing, which you set. You may complete a definition essay if you would like to provide your own explanation to the concept of peace. Also, you can work on persuasive essay and discuss the question like why peace is important and how it can be attained. To be more specific, you may examine various religious view on peace, type of peace, theories about it. Here are some essay prompts for your paper about peace.

Essays On Peace Essay About Peace Peace Essay Contest to Highlight Peacemakers

Essay about peace can be written in different forms

It seems that the topic of global peace becomes more and more acute with time. Humankind is constantly developing new kinds of weapons, new technologies that have a huge impact on us. Earth population is increasing, meanwhile earth resources are reducing. Many scholars are talking about various catastrophes that might happen on our planet.

What is your prediction as to the future of humanity? Do you think we will be able to live peacefully? Is it possible to preserve peace? You will have to answer these important questions in your essay on world peace.

Have you already developed a plan for writing your essay on global peace? What exactly do you want to talk about? Take time to think about this, otherwise you can make a mistake many students tend to make when it comes to writing essays about peace. They get down to preparing essays on peace without actually investigating the topic.

In fact, there are plenty of things to be investigated prior to writing essays on peace, naturally if you want them to be captivating. We have listed several issues, which can serve as a basis for your essay about world peace.

Threats to global peace

What do you know about the main threats to peace? If you can only think of terrorism, then there are a lot of things for you to explore and describe in the essay on peace.

Various theories of peace

The question of peace can be viewed from various perspectives: political, religious, etc. What will you choose for your essay about peace?

Nobel Peace Prize

Can you imagine that for some contributions to the field of preserving peace people are given this prize? Discussion of the Nobel Peace Prize will definitely make your essay on global peace more exciting to read.

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