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Some of Luhmann's key works are now available in English translation: Trust and Power (1979), the essay on trust is a good entry point into Luhmann's work; The Differentiation of Society (1982), an excellent collection of essays with a good introduction; Religious Dogmatics and the Evolution of Societies (1984), contains Luhmann's main ideas on religion and a good introduction; A Sociological Theory of Law (1985), an extended treatment of one field in Luhmannian terms; Love as Passion (1986), an intriguing and readable historical and sociological study of love; Ecological Communication (1989), an application of systems theory to environmental problems; Political Theory in the Welfare State (1990), and Essays on Self-Reference (1990). Other translated works included Soziologie des Risikos. English Risk: A Sociological Theory (1993) and Soziale System, English Social Systems (1995). □

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quotes and an essay on trust--an obstacle to living life fully

Essay on trust should explain the importance of this notion. People are social beings, they communicate with each other every day. Quite often this interaction is based on trust and respect. It would be interesting to answer such a question in this essay: “Will the human communication last for long if everybody told lies?” Trust is the key to understanding and friendly relations between people. It is a good idea to suggest pieces of advice for those, who want to be trusted in the essay on trust.

Quotes and an essay on trust, an obstacle to living life fully.

, an essay on trust, is a concise and well-written starting point to get an overview on the topic of trust, while offers a particularly deep and nuanced analysis of social trust in its manifold forms and appearances. and focus specifically on public trust and the lack thereof, respectively. is probably the single most influential article on trust in philosophy and is a must-read (see also ). The important paper serves as an introduction to game-theoretic accounts of trust. As a concluding chapter of Gambetta’s important anthology, it also serves as a pointer to other papers of this anthology (see also ). proposes a communitarian account of trust explicitly against game-theoretic considerations. Finally, the account of trust in , although rooted in sociology, has been highly influential in philosophy and is therefore a must-read.

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