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Beginning with submissions from 2007, many dissertations and theses are accessible full-text online through the and through the site. The provides the most comprehensive search since it includes records for print as well as electronic dissertations and theses.

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Implementing Electronic Dissertations at the University of Chicago

No single source has a record of all electronic dissertations and theses, so be sure to search many of these sites to get a broad look at the literature.

Implementing Electronic Dissertations at the University of Chicago February 13, 2009

Access to an electronic dissertation or thesis will sometimes be delayed at the request of the author. The most common reasons are because they intend to publish the dissertation or because it supports a patent application. In these cases, a record with descriptive information and a full abstract will still be included in RUcore.

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Swan and others on the list expressed the view that TEI or TEILitewould in fact be well used in preparing electronicdissertations. Unlike ETEXTCTR's postings, messages to TEI-L spentlittle time on the meta issues of what is a thesis and why shouldn'tTEI be used. Rather, the posts dealt with how to move along plans forhelping students and universities use TEI for theses. Cournaneprovided some criticism of TEILite for theses, noting especially howcumbersome it is to encode a bibliography and to provide examples ofSGML tagging within the text.Welcome to the guide on Electronic Dissertations and Theses (ETDs). This guide will provide you with information on the electronic submission process for dissertations and/or theses via ProQuest UMI. It also provides additional helpful information on understanding the different publishing options available to you.While moving to electronic of dissertations offers some modest opportunity for cost savings by lower expenditures for labor and supplies in the Dissertation Office, it is the move to an ETD environment for access and archiving that provides the larger component of savings. The electronic-only format would generate savings in the Library's binding and shelf preparation unit, in the cost of commercial binding, and in cataloging efficiencies created by using modified catalog records from UMI. Because they include the full-text of the dissertations' abstracts these offer richer access points through the catalog.Since, electronic dissertations have various technical features you may need to include some figures and tables. You will surely have to provide calculations to prove experiments you are going to conduct as well. So, if troubles occur, do not hesitate to ask for help.The purpose of the following post is to reveal and solve all misunderstandings concerned with pointed above in the introduction part. We are going to talk about electronics as it is and surely discuss dissertation writing matters and electronic dissertations in particular. Thus, beware not to miss important details.Search the to find locations and call numbers for print copies of dissertations and theses as well links to the full-text of electronic dissertations and theses. are included in a separate section of this guide.Magdeburg University Library accepts electronic dissertations if the respective faculty's doctoral regulations allow it or if a declaration of agreement for electronic publication by your faculty is handed in.Helsinki University of Technology's electronic dissertation service ()is administered by the TKK Library. The Main Library takes care of publishing the dissertations in an electronic form, regardless of in which series or how the dissertation is being published in print. The recommended series is TKK Dissertations, which is common to the whole university. Along with the electronic publishing, the dissertations are saved in the institutional repository of the university, TKKDOC.TKK's institutional repository TKKDOC was started with including the university's electronic dissertations and later other academic theses. The repository is built according to the standards and it is OAI-PMH compatible. TKKDOC is included (for example) in the OAIster archiving service, from where the university's materials can be searched, along with the repositories of other high quality research organisations which fulfil the given standards.No single source has a record of all electronic dissertations and theses, so be sure to search many of these sites to get a broad look at the literature.