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For those of you who were not at last months club meeting, I would like to announce that as of 1 March 2016, Chris Wilcox has resigned from the board of directors. Chris has been an integral part of CCDG since the beginning, and we are sad to see him step down. Since we know that if I say too many nice things it will go to his head, I’ll leave it with this: Thanks for all your years of hard work and dedication to Cap City, and to the sport. Good luck with your new adventure! (And don’t think that this means that I’m finding someone new to do math for me… )

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Second, I don't need to keep the unit running to get the average for most things as the power consumption is quite regular and doesn't fluctuate much. I then wouldn't leave it plugged in just to have P3 do math for me, I'm quite capable of multiplying consumption by the number of hours myself.

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1. Don't do math for me. Anywhere the system is displaying some relative information, which may be subject to some other interpretation, just give me the facts, man.

Now I want a red panda who will do math for me.