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Easy tips to help your students beat writer's block. A must for all creative writing lesson plans!

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As Darcy Pattison's book----suggests, creativity is the essential element when teaching students to write well. Although very few of our students leave school and become professional creative writers, all benefit from the chance to exercise creativity while learning how to write. The creative writing lesson you do that focus on writing craft and author techniques, those are the lessons that will stick with students much longer than any skill they pick up writing and re-writing a book report. As the motto of our Writing Lesson of the Month network says, "Just once a month, please teach a writing lesson your students can love." Creative writing lessons are the type of lessons that will force your students to love what they're writing.

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Creative Writing Lesson Plans: From Paragraphs to Narratives

Creative writing lessons can be used for revision as well. In fact, teaching writing style becomes more effective with revising. Follow these steps to help students apply their knowledge of changing telling sentences to showing sentences:

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The creative writing lessons on this page are specially featured here for two reasons: 1) teachers have told us how these lessons have transformed their students from non-writers to writers through creativity and 2) we have multiple student samples attached to each lesson.

Creative Writing Lessons Grade 7

The bulk of the book is creative writing lessons for prose and poetry, with major concentration on short stories. McDaniel includes numerous inspiring and instructive examples, so we get the feeling, "This isn't so difficult!"