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One-on-one college coaching sessions are conducted in our Basking Ridge, NJ offices by Position U 4 College admissions consultant, Kris Hintz and her affiliates. Our affiliation with Betterton College Planning gives us licensed access to the powerful BCP Evaluator™ system for organizing a college list that realistically projects a student’s chances of admission at competitive colleges…

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If you have any questions about our college admissions consulting program, please do not hesitate to give us a call at or . Our Executive Director, Chad Biggert, is always available to answer any questions you may have. To enroll, please .

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Welcome to School Search Solutions College Admissions Consulting and Planning Service. The Director of our College Consulting Program, , is an experienced college counselor who has worked closely with hundreds of college-bound sophomores, juniors, seniors, and their parents as they have navigated the college search process. Whether you are applying from within the U.S. or applying to U.S. colleges from abroad, we offer a range of services to fit your needs, including guidance on:


The Mauler Institute is an independent college admissions consulting firm committed to helping qualified students get accepted to Ivy League and other highly selective schools. We will work with you to craft and execute a powerful application strategy so you will stand out from the thousands of high achievers who are applying to your top choice schools. Our proprietary 3-step admissions strategy helps you to:
College admissions help by a professional college admissions consultant can make a big difference. EDvantage understands the importance of educating students and families about the college admissions process. Our knowledgeable and professional counselors are available to assist in the planning of college nights, admissions presentations, workshops and programs. After getting to know your particular school, organization, or district needs, EDvantage College Consulting will personally cater to your specific community. Helping students and families calmly navigate the often overwhelming and stressful path to higher education is our area of expertise. Through this process, our mission is to empower families, increase students' self-esteem, and provide honest, knowledgeable advice to help families make the best higher educational decisions. Looking for a college admissions consultant? Tags: College admissions consultants, college admissions counselors, California college admissions help, high school guidance counselor, guidance, college admission, SAT help, STAT help, help, admissions, counselors, consulting. College Counselor San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Capistrano School District, Southern California.A personalized college admissions consultant or counselor can make a huge difference in the future of any student. We are committed to individualizing the college admissions process to ensure students are selecting Universities that meet their educational, personal, and emotional needs.