college admissions assistance scam???

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College Admissions Assistance, LLC

Hire a reputable college application consultant from the Savvy Success Unlimited. They offer college admission assistance, strategic coaching, interview preparation, and essay assessment.

We will send job alerts to  for College Admissions Assistance jobs near Dallas, TX.

College Admissions Assistance, LLC:

I already tried google-ing and searching for it on here, but the name of the thing College Admission Assistance gives me wayy too many results. So have you guys heard anything about it?

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Given the competitive environment, students can be forgiven for feeling a bit apprehensive about earning admission to the colleges of their choice. To help alleviate the anxiety of the college admissions process and maximize students' chances of finding and gaining admission to the schools best suited for their needs and ambitions, Above the Curve offers a comprehensive College Admissions Assistance package. Our package includes extensive personal consultation with Above the Curve's college admissions consultants and counselors, concerning all aspects of the college application process.

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College Zoom makes the college admissions process easy and helps match students to their best-fit colleges. We are a one-on-one independent college admissions counseling service offering college admissions assistance with proven success.Received the letter that personally named my son. I looked at College Admissions Assistance web site and could find nothing about cost. Very cleaver on their part.We help you uncover and add more compelling character dimensions to your personal statement. We offer one-on-one independent college admissions assistance that helps you be seen in the light you deserve.Under the terms of the Assurance, the business agreed to provide any Iowans who signed up for College Admissions Assistance's services to obtain a refund for any unused portion of the contract term. In addition, the agreement also requires the business to change its marketing to eliminate misleading solicitation letters and high pressure presentations, and pay $25,000 for future enforcement under the Consumer Fraud Act. The Assurance was for settlement purposes only and should not be considered as an admission of guilt or finding of violation of the law. We have saved your search for College Admissions Assistance jobs near Dallas, TX.
You can manage your saved searches at any time from your profile.We provide divorce strategies, college admission assistance, individual and business accounting services, business consulting and marketing guidance, and all forms of insurance to help them through life.The Inland Empire Scholarship Fund was established as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 1998 by Dr. Manuela G. Sosa, a retired dentist, and Espartago (Randy) Sosa, a retired engineer with Caltrans, to provide scholarships, academic guidance, career advice, and college admission assistance to Latino students in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Sage Directions has a team of college admission consultants who offer application tutoring services. They provide college admission assistance to interested students. Get your quotes today.College admissions assistance, if legitimate, means giving advice to the student about their college applications, helping them decide where to apply, proofreading their essays, and checking their applications. It can be helpful if the student is confused about the college application process, but most students get the information they need from their school guidance offices. But for students who want more personal attention or extra help, professional college admissions assistance can be good.This center provides college admission help for Ivy League schools. Aside from college admissions assistance, they offer math tutoring, algebra classes, Japanese language tutoring and more.Aristotle Circle provides pre-kindergarten and college admissions assistance. Apart from that, they also offer grad school consulting. They have been featured in NY Times, NBC and more.Stratus Prep provides college admission assistance for students who want to go to law school. These admission consultants have an incredible deal for clients who are at the initial stages of applying.