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..... published his ; in 1895 the International Institute of Bibliography was established at Brussels. There are national bibliographies, such as the and the subject bibliographies, such as Sabin's and lists of the works of individual authors. Bibliographies of rare and old books include is a monthly bibliography of books in the English language that cumulates annually. is useful for British publications, and the by C. L. Gohdes, for American works. The which is cumulative, and are useful compilations. The term is also used to describe books as physical objects and their production history, and has been expanded to include nonprint media such as microfilm.

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Moving at a tangent to the suppressive tendency was a gesture of Dr. Ward Parks, who has modestly maintained a low editorial profile in certain works. He included Iranian Liberal in the bibliography of a book published at Myrtle Beach in 2009. He also supplied due reference in an annotation, which acknowledges the relevance of my data concerning the major critic of Meher Baba. In that respect, the reference of Dr. Parks is certainly a substantial advance upon Wikipedia hostilities.

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Any attempt to compile a comprehensive bibliography of a book printed in as many editions and in as large editions as the Bible is a courageous endeavor and a massive undertaking. To dare to attempt to improve upon the efforts of bibliographers who are recognized widely for their expertise is either foolhardy or done by one willing to take a high risk because he staunchly believes he can improve on the work of his predecessors. The estimate of his contemporaries is now awaited by this author who has dared to put his conviction “on the line.” Compiler Chamberlin was in the process of gathering the information for this book for 23 years. He, along with Herbert before him, has expressed his awareness that a work of this kind cannot be effectively done by one person, however much he must accept final responsibility. Both benefitted from the work of Margaret T. Hills, late librarian of the American Bible Society, for her attempt to include all English editions of the Bible published in the New World in her bibliography published in 1962.

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