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The Microsoft Office Word 2007 object model includes several objects designed for automating the creation of bibliographies. By using these objects, and additional properties and methods in the Word 2007 object model, you can add sources to the source lists, cite sources in a document, and manage sources. This Visual How-to article shows how to use bibliography-related objects in Word to programmatically insert a bibliography source and citation into a Word 2007 document.

To make sure the bibliography and citations are included, you need togive the following set of commands:

Bibliography and Citations/ References in Word 2013

The alteration to the sublime-build file noted above was derived from a blog. It made my bibliography compile and prevented undefined citations. However, I updated all of my packages via TeXLiveUtility today, reverted back to the default sublime-build file calling 'latexmk' once, and compiled a working bibliography and citations just fine.

Word 2010: Creating a Bibliography and citations

Summary: Programmatically insert bibliography sources and citations into a document by using the Microsoft Office Word 2007 object model. (6 printed pages)

Microsoft Word and bibliographies and citations