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50 Best Online Masters Degree Programs 2015

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia has some of the best online degree programs in the nation, according to the . UGA is ranked No. 3 among all universities for best online graduate programs in education and No. 5 for best online bachelor's programs overall.

In its annual ranking of the best online degree programs, has named WKU among the top schools nationwide in five areas.

Guide to the Best Online English Degree Programs

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Top 10 Best Online Accounting Degree Programs 2014

Online MBA degree programs continue to increase in popularity as in response to the increasing number of professionals looking for ways to achieve without having to sacrifice years of income and family life. For many of these people, the financial cost of an online degree is an important consideration. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best online MBA degree programs under $50,000 from schools in , , , , and . With these programs, professionals can earn an MBA while maintaining their jobs and family commitments, and without breaking the bank along the way. All of these programs are among the very best online MBA programs in the world and are taken from our more extensive ranking of the overall . These programs have been analyzed and ranked according to their perceived prestige (awards, rankings, reputation), academic quality, and affordability.