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To summarize everything, awesome PowerPoint presentations are short, punchy, and clear.

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slides, because he's just that good. We asked Keynote and Powerpoint ... Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation," is published here with his permission.

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Awesome PowerPoint presentations usher in what everybody desires: the attainment of goals. These presentations—if prepared and administered efficiently—are worth more than millions especially to big brands. Of course, the results are mirrored on smaller brands.That said, it’s worth investing time and effort to create a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation. Why? These tools while primarily used for marketing, are geared towards effective communication. If they are utilized wisely, they can catapult a company’s sales performance for the long haul. Consequently, ballooning sales volume translates to business growth.This is a simple guide on better PowerPoint presentations:1. Simplify.2. Tell a story.3. Clarify points within the body.4. Have a grand finale. Incite action. Solicit emotions.Let’s usher in more detailed explanations about the guide above.Here are some more insights about PowerPoint presentations: In conversations, you may metaphorically dance with the thoughts of whom you’re talking with. This will help you formulate thoughts; but in a PowerPoint presentation, you’re on the spot. Fail to deliver a clear and easy to remember message and your audience will go home confused and your reputation tarnished.So what makes an awesome PowerPoint presentation?To summarize everything, awesome PowerPoint presentations are short, punchy, and clear.These tricks will be able to help you as they had helped me in overcoming fear of public speaking:

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