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Article submission software to major article marketing services and unlimited Dynamic Article Submitter - Essential tool to submit articles to Article Engines and If you are reading New Article Submitter Software Review report, you comprehend the SEO lifting, traffic-driving, link-building power of content marketing. 1 May 2013 Article Submitter PlatinumArticle Submitter Is a Traffic Espresso Double Platinum blows the doors off any other Article Submission Software.

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The Free Article Submitter is a must have for anyone who is serious about creating a succesful online business. If you want to have any hope of ranking in search engines like Google or Bing, back links are the key and article submissions is one of the best ways to drive high quality, high page rank back links to your site.Designed with ease of use in mind, SliQTool's article submission software compresses the process of submitting articles to directories into as few steps as possible. If you have an article to submit and an email account you can use for directory registration purposes, submitting articles is a simple 3 step process - Sign Up, Confirm Registrations, Submit.Auto Article Submitter Pro is an awesome tool that you can use to automatically submit your or your clients' articles to popular article directories. Jetsubmitter 2.0 is a revolutionary article submission software system for spinning your articles and submitting them on auto-pilot to hundreds of article directories. Prior to submitting, all you need do is step through the tabs down the left side of SliQ Article Submitter and complete the necessary information. There are six tabs but you only need to fill out information in three of them - Author Account, Article Details and Captcha Decoder - before submitting for the first time. The great thing about doing article marketing with these directories is that they allow you to place a link inside the article you submit and so you can naturally build thousands of backlinks using the list we have put together for you.On this tab you enter your author details. To aid data entry, SliQ Article Submitter automatically creates a set of author details for you. If you want you can replace the details and enter ones of your own.The best spinning results will be achieved if you spin by hand. However, to save you time, SliQ Article Submitter has integrated the SpinnerChief service to allow you to automatically spin articles. If you register with SpinnerChief you can spin 15 articles a day for free. Note: I do not usually put links in the Body part of the article. For sites where there is no author resource field found, e.g. some WordPress and PHPLD sites, SliQ Article Submitter will append the Author Resource field contents to the Body field when submitting. Should have found this years before. It should have saved me a lot of trouble. Article Submitter Gold is really a helpful tool for Internet marketers. Cut my work time in half. This is automated but not in a way that will get you in trouble. If it doesn’t make sense, then you really have to try the software.Article Demon lets you submit to hundreds of article directory easily. It comes with rewriting and spinning features to help your churn lots of unique articles to submit to different directories. You can check status of your submission from the software and resubmit if it fails. It is one of the most popular software used by online marketers for article submissionsI know there are already a lot of copycat article submitter software out there, but this is still the best among them all. After almost a year of using this software, I played around with others that my friends were using at that time, and they didn’t even come anywhere near this. This is the easiest to use among all of them, and this has got the most number of high quality article directories. 660 article directories is a lot if you’re just a regular user. I started out with that, but since my online business grew quite quickly, I shifted to platinum right away. It’s worth the money, since I can finish everything in just a click of a button, and I really see the increase in hits and rankings in just a short time. This is among the most efficient tools for Internet marketers, and I think everyone should try this and see for themselves.